Improve Your Soil and Yield With FertiNeem

Published on 17 November 2021 at 15:00

First Experience 

Closely before harvesting his maize, Mr. Zoundi proudly showed us around on his farm. He disposes of more than 5 hectares arable farmland. In the midst of a temperature almost reaching 40 degrees celsius, Mr Zoundi tells us vividly how this season went. He mentioned that it was a good season because there was enough rain, that his kids were helpful over the summer, but that they have returned to school now. Moreover, he likes to dedicate a part of his land to use new ecological products, such as FertiNeem. At one of our previous meetings, FertiNeem gained his confidence. The idea that this Compost acts on one side as a soil amendment and on the other side a soil bio pesticides which acts repulsive towards nematodes sparked his interest. Hence he dedicated a part of his land using it.


While harvesting his production, his choice to use our bio fertiliser showed to be a good one Mr. Zoundi explained. After he applied our bio fertiliser FertiNeem, his soil regained nutrients, water could be retained longer, and the maize roots weren't attacked by any pests. The effect? Look at the pictures and video below, a beautiful and successful maize production with combination of using local produced seeds and our bio intrants.


Moreover, to our surprise, Mr. Zoundi told us that he had only applied FertiNeem after he sowed the maize seeds. Even though we recommend farmers to use our bio fertiliser before sowing, his harvest shows that it turned out positive and still achieved a great yield. Let alone using FertiNeem before sowing and allowing it the time to decompose into the soil.


Our next campaign will be focused on the contre-saison which starts now. We will work with vegetable farmers to increase their soil quality with our FertiNeem and prevent pest attacks with our Solnat Neem Biopesticide. Message us via WhatsApp +31623098290 to get acquainted with our product catalogue and to find out if we also operate in your area.

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