Solnat Neem

A Bio Pesticide which repels more than 400 insects

Solnat Neem is an ECOCERT certified Bio pesticide. This biopesticide is obtained by cold-pressing the Neem kernel for oil. Solnat Neem consists of 100% pure Neem oil. Neem oil shows a vital role as a biopesticide in pest control. SolNat Neem should be mixed with water and mixed with an emulsifier.  


Due to the increasing awareness that chemical-based pesticides have negative side effects on human health, soil and water quality, SolNat Neem Biopesticide offers an alternative where we strive towards regenerative agriculture.


Solnat Neem Biopesticide is eco-friendly, biodegradable and isn’t toxic to useful organisms like humans and pollinators. Neem oil, the consistency of SolNat Neem Biopesticide, contains azadirachtin, which is the main driver for neem oil’s efficacy. Azadirachtin possesses germicidal and anti-bacterial properties, therefore, it works repellent on insects. Germicidal and anti-bacterial properties are vital to protect plants from different kinds of pests. The use of neem oil is proven on different farming production systems.  


Solnat Neem is available in: 0,5L, 1L, 5L, 20L. Bigger quantities will be conditioned accordingly to the clients needs. 


Curious on how to apply SolNat Neem? 


The first biofertilizer in Burkina Faso which amends the soil and protects the roots by repelling nematodes

SolNat Neem Biofertilizer an ECOCERT certified product. It is used to improve soil fertility and water holding capacity. Our biofertilizer is a combination of the Neem seed press cake, Neem shell, and Neem biochar. 

As biofertilizer, FertiNeem provides essential nutrients to plants, while also protecting them against diseases in their early growth stages. It increases soil organic matter thus increasing soil quality, carbon storage and improving water infiltration. It thus contributes to increased yields and improve yield stability. FertiNeem operates as a biofertilizer for both food and cash crops.


Further, FertiNeem contains more nitrogen, phosphurus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium than farmyard manure or sewage sludge. Plowed into the soil, it protects plant roots from nematodes and white ants, probably due to its content of the residual limonoids. Similar to the SolNat Neem Biopesticide, it is biodegradable and eco-friendly. 


Adding between 1-3 t/ha of biofertiliser to fields reduces nematode infestation. FertiNeem added to the soil at a ratio of 1-3 t/ha can also protect eggplants from borers and tomatoes from leaf spot disease. 

Other Vegetable oils and Fertilisers

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Solvert offers various other fertilisers and vegetable oils made out of inedible oilseeds. Fertilisers are used to improve soil fertility and water holding capacity. The vegetable oils are marketed for the cosmetic industry, for both body and hair. 

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