The whole world talks about climate change, now is our time to take action

Our Climate Action

Our climate action provides the opportunity to regreen the Sahel. We have been talking about the effects of climate change for years already without much follow-up. Desertification and deforestation are the reasons why smallholders loose fertile farmland, why trees are disappearing, and why biodiversity is declining. We feel the effects of climate change and now we offer you the opportunity to take climate action by planting trees and help farmers shift towards sustainable agricultural practices.


Why plant trees?

We believe that with this climate action today, we influence how the earth looks like tomorrow. From this philosophy, we started our campaign. Planting trees in vulnerable areas, such as the Sahel, leads to the regreening which prevents fertile land to perish. Trees make the soil more fertile. They also help prevent desertification. Trees give us shade, serve as windbreaks, support the conservation of biodiversity, and provide us with fruits and animal feed. When you virtually plant your own tree we keep you updated on the development. 

Together we plant thousands of trees

Together with our local partner in Burkina Faso, the NGO Shalom, we aim to plant over thousands of trees. Not only does the NGO Shalom support the growth of trees in Burkina Faso, they also train farmers to focus on a micro agricultural revolution. Currently, the agricultural market in Burkina Faso is mainly supplied with chemical pesticides which are harmful for public health, water and soil. 


Just like crops, trees also need biofertilizer for its growth. Hence, we see this as a great opportunity to offer farmers biopesticide en biofertilizer to strive towards a green agricultural market. The NGO Shalom will train farmers in Farmer Field Schools on biopesticide and biofertilizer use. 


Thus, with this initiative you don’t only help the environment by planting trees, you also contribute to a sustainable way of cultivating crops for the farmers in Burkina Faso via Shalom's Farmer Field School. 


The whole world talks about climate change, now is your time to take action