How we contribute to a circular economy

Climate Action

November 2021

Improve Your Soil and Yield With FertiNeem

Closely before harvesting his maize, Mr. Zoundi proudly showed us around on his farm. He disposes of more than 5 hectares arable farmland. In the midst of a temperature almost reaching 40 degrees celsius, Mr Zoundi tells us vividly how this season went. He mentioned that it was a good season because there was enough rain, that his kids were helpful over the summer, but that they have returned to school now. Moreover, he likes to dedicate a part of his land to use new ecological products, such as FertiNeem. At one of our previous meetings, FertiNeem gained his confidence. The idea that this Compost acts on one side as a soil amendment and on the other side a soil bio pesticides which acts repulsive towards nematodes sparked his interest. Hence he dedicated a part of his land using it.

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July 2020

Faso Biocarburant continues as SolVert

In 2009, we opened our factory in Leo, Burkina Faso, under the name Faso Biocarburant SARL. At the start, the main activity of Faso Biocarburant was that of producing biodiesel from Jatropha oilseeds. 10 years later, we decided to make a shift from producing biodiesel to producing specialty oils. Since specialty oils doesn't stand in line with our former name Faso Biocarburant (Faso bio-fuel), we decided to undergo a rebranding where we decided to change our name and website. Hereby, we proudly introduce you to our new name SolVert. SolVert, also short for Solution Vert (Green Solution), as we seek to look for the green solutions in chemical alternatives, climate change problems and the circular economy we embrace in our practices. By producing biopesticide and biofertilizers, we aim to develop a green and more sustainable agricultural market in Burkina Faso. Our biopesticide comes from the panacea neem, which is also being referred to as the tree for solving global problems. More about its problem solving ability will be discussed in a future blog. 

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