SolNat Neem Biopesticide

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SolNat Neem Biopesticide is obtained by cold-pressing the neem kernel for oil. Neem oil mixed with water and a little soap plays a vital role as a biopesticide in pest control. 

Due to the increasing awareness that chemical-based pesticides have negative side effects on human health, soil and water quality, SolNat Neem Biopesticide offers an alternative where we strive towards regenerative agriculture.


SolNat Neem Biopesticide is eco-friendly, biodegradable and isn’t toxic to useful organisms like humans and pollinators. Neem oil, the consistency of SolNat Neem Biopesticide, contains azadirachtin, which is the main driver for neem oil’s efficacy. Azadirachtin possesses germicidal and anti-bacterial properties, therefore, it works repellent on insects. Germicidal and anti-bacterial properties are vital to protect plants from different kinds of pests. The use of neem oil is proven on different farming production systems.  


In order to use SolNat Neem Biopesticide, one has to put 3ML neem oil in a 1L water spray. To let the neem oil dissolve in the water, one has to use add 2ML of an emulgator like Rimulgan or green soap. Shake it afterwards until the neem oil is dissolved in the water. If it hasn't dissolved yet, add a bit more of the emulgator. Don't spray in daylight since the sunlight might evaporate the biopesticide, preferably apply it at dawn or at sunset. 


The preferred application of SolNat Neem Biopesticide is one time per week after 15 days when you sowed the seeds.