We need people like you! We start with small steps, without we aren't getting closer to a greener planet at all.


Next to the various effects tree planting has on the environment and the farmers, we also look at tree planting as a token of trust. It expresses faith in the future and we are happy that we can work towards a better future together with you.


With this climate action, you plant one tree and provide a farmer with training in Farmer Field Schools where they learn and exchange practices towards sustainable cultivation. 

What happens with your contribution?

Now, you probably ask yourself 'well nice idea, but what happens with my €15, -?'


We dedicate €5, - so that the farmer can plant your tree. To stimulate ownership among farmers, we use a voucher system where farmers choose what tree species they plant. When farmers choose their own tree themselves, they take better care of this tree. Hereby, we ensure that your tree is in good hands.


Now, you probably think 'all right, but what about the other €10, -?' Yes, we reserve €5, - for the NGO Shalom who trains farmers on sustainable agricultural practices. Another €5, - is used for organic products for farmers, such as neem oil as biopesticide and press cake as biofertilizer.